Draught Beer List: August 27, 2014

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Abita ● Abita Springs, LA
Turbodog ● Brown Ale 5.6% ABV ● 28 IBU BARBBP $5.00/16 oz.
  Turbodog is a dark brown ale brewed with Willamette hops and a combination of pale, crystal and chocolate malts. This combination gives Turbodog its rich body and color and a sweet chocolate toffee-like flavor. Turbodog began as a specialty ale but has gained a huge loyal following and has become one of our flagship brews.
Alesmith ● San Diego, CA
  Old Numbskull ● Barleywine 11% ABV BARBBP $6.50/10 oz.
  A West Coast style barleywine. A huge malt profile and a very aggressive dose of premium domestic hops give Old Numbskull a tantalizing complexity, from the aroma to the aftertaste.
Aroma starts with toasty, caramel notes and a pleasant hop character. Color is deep amber, with tan head and impressive Brussels Lace that clings to the sides of the glass.
Avery ● Boulder, CO
  Samaels Oak-Aged Ale ● English Style Strong Ale 15.5% ABV BARBBP $5.00/5 oz.
  Samael is the prince of demons, the angel of death, accuser and destroyer. Filled with enmity towards man, he planted the vine, the forbidden tree of paradise.
Samael’s Ale is a super-caramelly, oak aged English-style strong ale. Perhaps the least hoppy (sacrilege here at Avery!!) beer we’ve brewed, to accentuate the malt. The oak is very apparent in this rich and high gravity ale, adding additional depth and complexity with a woody and cask-like nose and a pronounced vanilla flavor on the palate. This potent ale is the second installment, along with The Beast, of our “Demons of Ale Series”.
Bell’s Brewery ● Galesburg, MI
Oberon Ale ● Summer Wheat 5.8% ABV BARBBP $5.50/16 oz.
  An American wheat ale brewed with Saaz hops. Spicy and fruity, Oberon is the color and scent of a sunny afternoon.
Boulder Brewing ● Bolder, CO
  Mojo Risin ● Imperial IPA 10% ABV BARBBP $6.00/10 oz.
  Only 120 precious barrels were brewed, adding more than half a ton of extra malt and twice the amount of Amarillo hops, so prepare your self for a full sensory explosion. The double dry-hop addition elevates the grapefruit-like aroma and flavor to an outrageous intensity, while the added malt raises the alcohol level from 7% all the way to 10% by volume.
Brouwerij Verhaeghe ● Vichte, Belgium
Duchesse De Bourgogne ● Flemish Sour Ale 6.2% ABV BARBBP $8.00/13 oz.
  Duchesse de Bourgogne is a Flanders red ale-style beer produced by Brouwerij Verhaeghe in Vichte, Belgium. After a primary and secondary fermentation, this ale is matured in oak barrels for 18 months. The final product is a blend of a younger 8-month-old beer with an 18-month-old beer. The name of the beer is meant to honor Mary of Burgundy, the sole daughter of Charles the Bold, born in Brussels in 1457, who died tragically young in a horse riding accident. Like all Flemish red ales, Duchesse de Bourgogne has a characteristically sour, fruity flavor similar to that of lambic beers.
College Street ● Havasu, Arizona
Sweet Devil ● Stout 6.66% ABV $6.00/10 oz.
  A rich and dark American-Style Stout bursting with the flavors of dark chocolate, coffee and toffee that you would expect from a classic stout. The difference with this crafty ale is you can actually drink more than one without feeling you’ve just had a five course meal. There’s a chance our brewers made a deal to make this devil so delicious and easy to drink. So, make a deal with your server and Drink the Devil!
Coronado Brewing ● Coronado, CA
  Black Sails ● Black IPA 6% ABV ● 75 IBU $6.50/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Deschutes ● Bend, OR
Pine Drops ● Imperial Pale Ale 6.5% ABV $6.50/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Destihl ● Bloomington, IL
  Saint Dekkera ● Sour Apple Reserve 5.5% ABV RB $5.00/5 oz.
  Sour Apple Lambic broken down by weight of apples by barrel. Working entry. Will be adjusted as necessary
Dogfish Head ● Milton, DE
  90 Minute IPA ● Imperial IPA 9% ABV ● 90 IBU BARBBP $6.00/10 oz.
  An Imperial IPA brewed to be savored from a snifter. A big beer with a great malt backbone that stands up to the extreme hopping rate. Continuously hopped over a 90 minute boil.
Dragoon Brewing ● Tucson, AZ
  Sarcosuchus (Super Croc) ● Imperial IPA 10.5% ABV BARB $6.50/10 oz.
  Hailing from the Early Cretaceous and weighing in at 10.5% ABV, this beer is a ferocious beast of a Double IPA. Sarcosuchus is named after the legendary Supercroc–the undisputed champion of all hypothetical animal battles (e.g. Supercroc vs. Unicorn)–and like its namesake, it is perfectly capable of ripping your palate (and quite possibly your brain) to shreds. Without further ado, let’s get ready to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumble!!!
Supercroc is made mostly from Gambrinus Pale Malt, with a touch of Crystal, Munich, Acidulated, and Carapils malt for complexity. It is goosed with 63 lbs of local desert wildflower honey from Little Holly’s Farm in Marana. We add hops from the get-go, starting with Apollo and Delta in the mash, and continuing with Amarillo, Simcoe, Calypso and Sorachi Ace all through the boil and into the fermenter.
Firestone Walker ● Paso Robles, CA
Double DBA ● Barley Wine 12% ABV BARBBP $6.50/10 oz.
  DDBA is our flagship beer brewed at double strength. It is amazingly similar in many respects to our barrel fermented DBA and possesses everything we love about that beer times two. English caramel malts lend rich toffee character that pairs well with assertive medium toast American oak barrels.
Four Peaks ● Tempe, AZ
Short Hop ● Session IPA 5.2% ABV BARB $5.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Harviestoun ● Alva, Scottland
  Ola Dubh 12 ● Old Ale 10.5% ABV BARB $8.00/10 oz.
  Consistent with the core Ola Dubh range, the 1991 Vintage is deep dark brown, dense and oily; the nose is redolent of soy and molasses with winey overtones and a gentle, earthy, hop aroma. The 1991 Vintage is somewhat sweeter than its counterparts and has delicious smoky-sherry notes on the palate, the flavours deriving at least as much from the whisky-infused-wood as the spirit itself. As expected from its higher strength, this is a bigger and bolder number than its siblings.
Historic ● Flagstaff, AZ
The deer lord ● Altbier 5% ABV $6.00/16 oz.
  Traditional Dusseldorf Altbier. Our darker offering that’s character develops from our long lagering techniques. This is one of those beers that makes you want to throw on your red plaid shirt, snap your suspenders, and head out into the woods to start chopping down a tree just for the hell of it. How else would you celebrate? The hunt for an awesome altbier is finally over. Praise the Deer Lord!
Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan ● Bruges, Belgium
Straffe Henderick Quad ● Belgian Quad 11% ABV BARBBP $7.00/13 oz.
  Straffe Hendrik Quadruple is a rich and intense dark Belgian ale. It is brewed with a subtle blend of specialty malts, which give the ale an extremely dark color and a chewy, malty complex character. The quadruple combines a clean dryness with a warm full bodied mouth feel and essences of fruit. Secondary fermentation in the bottle creates a living ale that can be aged and will have an evolution of taste profiles over time.
It is brewed by the last active brewery in the historical city of Bruges. The town archives first mention the brewery in 1546. Since 1856, the famous brewing family Maes-Vanneste has owned the brewery.
Julian ● Julian, CA
  Hard Cider ● Hard Apple Cider 6.9% ABV RBBP $6.50/16 oz.
  The Julian Hard Cider recipe originates from 1670 colonial America and is comparable to the finest British ciders. Unlike many “impostor” hard ciders on the market, it is easy to have more than one pint of Julian Hard Cider as we do not use concentrated apple Juice or additives which leave the drinker with a lingering sugary film and after-taste. Why is Julian Hard Cider the choice of true cider lovers? We have only one ingredient… the freshest apples in the world! Our cider is lightly carbonated with tartness, acidity and a clean dry finish, enabling it to stand firmly on its own or compliment your favorite meal. At Julian Hard Cider, we invite EVERYONE to put our hard cider alongside the best in the world, as we painstakingly strive to build our fan base one drinker at a time.
Lagunitas ● Petaluma, CA
  The Hairy Eyeball ● American Strong Ale 8.8% ABV BARBBP $6.00/10 oz.
  Fall and Winter call for richness and warmth, while Spring and Summer call for crispness and refreshment. So it goes that colder weather calls for Hairy Eyeball Ale.
  Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale ● American Strong Ale 9.75% ABV ● 74 IBU BARBBP $6.00/10 oz.
  Our oxymoronic “Imperial Mild – A redux to remember the ’05 St. Paddy’s Day Massacre. Defiant as to style … We can say for sure it is unforgiven and unrepentant.
Left Coast ● San Clemente, CA
  Big Office IPA ● Imperial Pale Ale 8% ABV ● 52.2 IBU RB $6.00/10 oz.
  The Big Office is a West Coast hop forward IPA. Brewed and dry hopped with copious amounts of HBC 342, Simcoe, and Mt. Hood . Golden in color with a nose of grapefruit and pine needles. A showcase of flavors in pineapple, mango, and passion fruit balanced with a resiny bitterness. Enjoy our summer seasonal at your big office. Where ever that may b
Lost Coast ● Eureka, CA
  25th anniversary ● Belgian Strong Ale 8.8% ABV ● 18 IBU $7.00/13 oz.
  A Belgian ale brewed with Belgian & American Malts, perfectly balanced with European hops and traditional Trappist Ale yeast for a ripe, rich fruitiness.
  Great White ● American Wheat 4.8% ABV BARB $5.00/16 oz.
  An American version of the Belgian style. This unfiltered beer has a striking translucent, golden color with white clouds. Seemingly a contradiction in terms, it has a full body mouth-feel but is surprisingly light to drink. Topped with a hint of citrus, provided by Coriander and a secret blend of Humbolt herbs, this beer is slightly sweet and a delight to drink in any season.
Mikkeller ● Copenhagen, Denmark
Beer Geek Breakfast ● Stout 7.5% ABV BARB $8.00/10 oz.
Recent batch of this has been brewed by Mikkeller at Nøgne Ø. Has also been brewed at Gourmetbryggeriet, Denmark. From 2013, brewed at Lervig.
English: An oatmeal stout with 25.0% oat-based ingredients and a nice touch of gourmet coffee. A beer that goes extremely well with breakfast.
Ingredients : Water, malt (pils, oat, smoked, caramunich, brown, pale chocolate and chocolate), roasted barley, flaked oats, hops (centennial and cascade), ale yeast and gourmet coffee
Mudshark ● Lake Havasu City, AZ
  Full Moon ● Belgian White Ale 8.5% ABV BARBBP $5.00/16 oz.
  A Belgium Wheat Ale, Spiced With Orange Peel & Coriander, Strong & Smooth
New Belgium ● Fort Collins, CO
  Lips of Faith – Coconut Curry Hefeweizen ● Spice Ale 8% ABV BARBBP $5.50/16 oz.
  Coconut Curry Hefeweizen has been pouring down the history of American Home Brewing for many years, from the legendary Charlie Papazian to the 2010 National Homebrewer, Remi Bonnart. The latter helped New Belgium brew this hazy, straw-colored gem to life. The aroma is bold and big with coconut and curry tones and a hint of banana from the hefe yeast. With a vast spice list of cinnamon, coriander, fenugreek, ginger, kaffir lime, and cayenne pepper this beer carries a bit of heat but the alcohol soothes the finish. Coconut Curry Hefe will leave an inquisitive smile on the drinker’s mug.
  Lips of Faith – La Folie ● Sour Brown 6% ABV ● 18 IBU BARBBP $8.00/13 oz.
  La Folie Wood-Aged Biere, is our original wood-conditioned beer, resting in French Oak barrels between one and three years before being hand bottled, numbered and corked for your enjoyment. Brewmaster, Peter Bouckaert, came to us from Rodenbach – home of the fabled sour red. Our La Folie emulates the spontaneous fermentation beers of Peter’s beloved Flanders with sour apple notes, a dry effervescence, and earthy undertones.
New Belgium/Cigar City ● Ft. Collins, CO
  Lips of Faith – Ale Brewed w/ Anaheim & Marash Chiles ● Chili beer 8.5% ABV RB $6.50/10 oz.
  We’re about to light up Florida with this Cigar City collaborative brew. Our Belgian yeast tangos with Anaheim and Marash peppers along with loads of citrusy hops to create an ale full of spice. Aged on Spanish cedar to salute our mutual love for wood!
Oak Creek Brewing ● Sedona, AZ
  Cherry Chocolate Porter ● Chocolate Porter 5.7% ABV $4.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Odell Brewing ● Fort Collins, CO
  Double Pilsner ● Double Pilsner 8.1% ABV BARBBP $6.00/16 oz.
  We feel the eyes of tradition upon us whenever we brew our Double Pilsner. But this beer is not just our tribute to the classic Bohemian pilsner – it’s our own craft interpretation of it. Refreshing and delicate yet bold and assertive, its clear golden color leaves nowhere for imperfections to hide but plenty of room for mystery.
Papago Brewing ● Scottsdale, AZ
Hopago IPA ● Single Hop IPA 7.5% ABV ● 80 IBU BARB $6.50/16 oz.
  Single Hop Series of IPA’s. 7.5% ABV, 80 IBU’s. First one made with 100% Citra Hops.
Port Brewing ● San Marcos, CA
Mongo ● Double IPA 8.5% ABV BARBBP $7.00/16 oz.
  A Double IPA brewed in memory of the brew cat.
SanTan Brewing ● Chandler, AZ
Heavy D ● Double Pale 9.2% ABV ● 60 IBU $6.50/10 oz.
  A suped up version of everybody’s favorite Devil’s Ale. This one is just as balanced as his smaller brother but packs a punch with more hop finsh balanced out with a stronger malt character.
Sierra Nevada ● Chino, CA
  Hoptimum ● Imperial IPA 10.4% ABV ● 100 IBU BARBBP $6.00/10 oz.
  A group of hop-heads and publicans challenged our Beer Camp brewers to push the extremes of whole-cone hop brewing. The result is this: a 100 IBU, whole-cone hurricane of flavor. Simply put – Hoptimum: the biggest whole-cone IPA we have ever produced. Aggressively hopped, dry-hopped, AND torpedoed with our exclusive new hop varieties for ultra-intense flavors and aromas.
Resinous “new-school” and exclusive hop varieties carry the bold and aromatic nose. The flavor follows the aroma with layers of aggressive hoppiness, featuring notes of grapefruit rind, rose, lilac, cedar, and tropical fruit—all culminating in a dry and lasting finish.
Sierra Nevada / Oskar Blues ● Chico, California
CANfusion ● Rye Bock 7.2% ABV ● 45 IBU $6.50/10 oz.
  CANfusion is a dry-hop rye bock with a complex malt body that launches a peppery blast from the rye, balanced by a fruity hop aroma. As the style suggests, it was dry-hopped for an added aroma punch from the unique citrusy and spice-like Australian Ella hop varietal.
Sonoran Brewing ● Phoenix, AZ
White Chocolate ● Ale $6.00/16 oz.
  Commercial description
Inspired by the beauty of the White Mountains; the Sonoran White Chocolate Ale is a light, refreshing and completely unique wheat beer. Like a fine chocolate, this brew has a delicate aroma and a subtle taste of white chocolate, which is truly astonishing! For the ultimate experience; pair it with coconut shrimp or lobster. Enjoy one with your meal and another for dessert
Squatters ● Salt Lake City, UT
  Hop Rising ● Double IPA 9% ABV BARBBP $6.00/10 oz.
  Big hop, big malt, big beer. One of the most aggressive beers ever released in Utah, Hop Rising a double India Pale Ale, clocks in at 85 IBU’s and 9% alcohol. We use three different malts to create enough flavor to perfectly balance three varieties of hops, then, because we can’t help ourselves, we dry-hop it; resulting in an amazing two pounds of hops per barrel! The combination of robust malty flavors and huge hop bitterness provide a well-balanced beer; a hop lover’s dream.
Stone Brewing ● Escondido, CA
  Chipotle Pepper Porter ● Smoked Porter 5.9% ABV BARBBP $6.00/16 oz.
  Stone Smoked Porter w/ Chipotle Peppers is a thing of spicy glory, with the just-right heat of smoked jalapeños (aka chipotles) that combines beautifully with the beer’s peat-smoked malt and roasty character. The idea came about in 2006 when Merchandise Manager Chris Carroll suggested we make a special “South of the Border Stone Smoked Porter” for Cinco de Mayo that year. One sip, and we were hooked!
The Address Brewing ● Tucson, AZ
  Brachiation Brown ● India Belgian Brown 8.9% ABV ● 114 IBU $6.50/10 oz.
  India Brown Ale brewed with brown sugar, columbus, citra and simcoe hops. We use Trapist yeast
Jazz Session ● Session IPA 4.5% ABV ● 75 IBU $6.50/16 oz.
  Session IPA with whole jasmine flower.
Thunder Canyon ● Tucson, AZ
Deep Canyon Amber ● Amber Ale 4.8% ABV BARBBP $5.00/16 oz.
  A medium bodied ale with a malty caramel flavor with little hop character. Very smooth and flavorful.
Honey Wheat ● Wheat Ale 5% ABV $5.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Uinta ● Salt lake City, UT
21st Birthday Suit ● Sour Ale 6.3% ABV RB $8.00/13 oz.
  Brewed in celebration of Uinta’s 21st birthday, this unfiltered sour farmhouse ale showcases a mix of of underlying spices, zest and moderate tartness. Birthday suit is crisp, refreshing and lets it all hang out with a citrusy sourness that is worth celebrating.
Upslope ● Boulder, CO
  Imperial IPA ● Imperial IPA 10% ABV ● 90 IBU BARBBP $6.00/10 oz.
  Welcome the newest addition to our year round lineup–Upslope Imperial India Pale Ale. Packaged exclusively in Ball Corporation’s 19.2 oz Royal Pint can, this assertively hopped 10% ABV Imperial IPA captures a bright orange color with a medium body. Each barrel is brewed using six pounds of a unique blend of hops to impart subtle flavors of pineapple and melon to the central hop notes of citrus and pine.
Victory ● Downingtown, PA
  Helios ● Belgian Style Farmhouse 7.5% ABV $5.00/16 oz.
  (Re) Introducing Helios Ale. We’ve rebranded the former V-Saison and now introduce Helios Ale. This bottle-conditioned, Belgian-inspired ale remains the same refreshing ale that you enjoyed as V-Saison, however, in a more approachable, less expensive 22 oz capped bottle. Helios Ale has an earthy, aromatic hop start and shifts into aspects of lemon peel and black pepper. This is a quenching, invigorating ale, despite its substantial strength.
This style was developed to refresh farm workers during harvest season in its native Belgium. Though such high alcohol is surprising to imagine as suitable for ‘refreshment,’ it does seem to fit the Belgian philosophy on enjoyment of their beloved beer.
Wasatch ● Salt Lake City, UT
  Jalapeno Cream Ale ● Spice Ale 4% ABV BARB $5.00/16 oz.
  Wasatch’s Jalapeño Cream Ale is the creation of Matt Beamer, Head Brewer up at the iconic Wasatch Brewpub in Park City. The beer is quite the hit with locals and is a perfect combo of flavor and spice. The Jalapeño Cream Ale starts life as a basic English Pub Ale. Then Matt adds 50lbs of fresh Jalapeño to the mash and that English base becomes muy caliente… eh poquito. Now, even thought this is a Chile Beer it’s not going scorch your mouth, though it’s not a lawnmower beer either. There is an intense Jalapeño aroma and flavor, but not too much burn. The malty backbone from the cream ale provides a slightly sweet finish to back-up the burn off your tongue.