Draught Beer List: September 10, 2015

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Alpine Brew Company ● Alpine, CA
  Alpine Ale ● American Pale Ale 5.5% ABV ● 32 IBU BARB $6.00/16 oz.
  Our namesake ale represents everything a good, well balanced pale ale should be: malty but not to sweet, refreshing but not too bitter, full-bodied but not too heavy, lively but not over carbonated. A clean, everyday beer that leaves your palate begging for more. 1.054 OG 32 IBU 5.5%ABV
Avery ● Boulder, CO
  duganA ● Imperial IPA 8.5% ABV ● 93 IBU BARBBP $6.00/16 oz.
  Lupulin Rapture Incarnate! As fervent  devotees of hops, we found ourselves on a quest to create a transcendental IPA capable of quenching our voracious lupulin desires. Our mantra became “unity of bitterness, hop flavor and aroma.” Enlightened, duganA IPA was born: A brutally bitter, dank, piney and resinous ale designed for those seeking a divine hop experience.
Ballast Point ● San Diego, CA
  Even Keel ● Session IPA 3.8% ABV $5.50/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
  Indra Kunindra ● India Style Export Stout 7% ABV ● 50 IBU $6.00/10 oz.
  A burst of Madras Curry, Cumin, Cayenne, Coconut, and Kaffir Lime Leaf. Enjoy!
Our India-style Export Stout is a unique collaboration with award-winning homebrewer Alex Tweet. Released in limited quantities, this explosion of South Asian flavors is reason enough to kneel down and thank the heavens. It’s further proof of San Diego’s status as a brewer’s playground, and a beer lover’s utopia
  Thai Chili Lime Wahoo ● Wheat Ale 4% ABV ● 20 IBU $6.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
  Tongue Buckler ● Imperial Red Ale 10% ABV ● 100 IBU BARBBP $6.50/10 oz.
  No commercial description available.
Bell’s Brewery ● Galesburg, MI
  Oarsman Ale ● Berliner Weisse 4% ABV BARBBP $5.00/13 oz.
  Designed as a flavorful session beer, Oarsman Ale uses a classic German brewing technique to impart a light, refreshing tartness. Oarsman Ale grew out of a desire to explore the tradition of session beers, trading intensity for finesse while still creating a worthwhile experience for the taster. The grain bill includes a healthy portion of wheat, while citrusy hops lend bright notes to the aroma. Fermented with Bell’s house ale yeast, Oarsman comes in at 4.0% alcohol by volume. Rather than being the dominant flavor note, the tartness in Oarsman takes on more of a palate-cleansing role, making it perfect for pairing with food.
Black Market ● Temecula, CA
  Eureka ● Session IPA 5.2% ABV ● 30 IBU $5.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Cider Boys ● U.S.A
  Pineapple Hula ● Cider 5.7% ABV $6.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
De Koningshoeven ● Netherlands
  La Trappe Quad ● Quadrupel 10% ABV BARB $7.00/13 oz.
  A unique Trappist beer that is even put to rest sorted by year in the cellars of the abbey for further fermentation. The strongest beer of La Trappe with a beautiful amber colour. The warm taste is full and well-balanced. A little bit sweet and pleasantly bitter. La Trappe Quadruple is also fermented in oak barrels.

Since recently, we also age La Trappe Quadrupel in oak barrels. This gives the oak-aged Trappist beer an even fuller taste with a special wooded scent, which is comparable to wood-aged red wine.

Dogfish Head ● Milton, DE
  Festina Peche ● Berliner Weisse 4.5% ABV ● 12 IBU BARBBP $6.00/13 oz.
  A refreshing neo-BerlinerWeisse fermented with honest-to-goodness peaches to (get this!) 4.5% abv! Because extreme beers don’t have to be extremely boozy! Available in 4-pack and draft during the sweaty months.
Sadly, there are only two breweries left in Berlin still brewing the Berliner Weisse style which is characterized by its intense tartness. There were once over 70 breweries in Berlin alone making this beer! In addition to fermentation with an ale yeast, Berliner Weisse is traditionally fermented with lactic cultures to produce its acidic or green apple-like character. It is delicately hopped with a pale straw color and served as an aperitif or summertime quencher. To soften the intense sourness, Berliner Weisse is traditionally served with a dash of essence of woodruff or raspberry syrup.
Dragoon Brewing ● Tucson, AZ
  Unihopper ● IPA 5.3% ABV ● 33 IBU BA $6.00/16 oz.
  The Unihopper is our single-hopped pale ale series. As you might imagine, it’s a bit of a hop-bomb–and that is exactly the point. Each time we brew the Unihopper, we use the same sturdy pale ale base as a launchpad to showcase an individual hop variety. Your taste buds have been warned.
This batch features Dorado Hops
Firestone Walker ● Paso Robles, CA
  Wookey Jack ● Black Rye IPA 8.5% ABV ● 60 IBU BARBBP $6.50/16 oz.
  Wookey Jack is our first foray into the dark outer world of black IPAs. Rich dark malts and spicy rye careen into bold citrus laden hops creating a new dimension in IPA flavor. This brew has been left unfiltered and unfined to retain all of its texture and character. At 60 IBUs, Wookey Jack is gnarly on the outside yet complex and refined on the inside.
Founders ● Grand Rapids, MI
Dark Penance ● Imperial Black IPA 8.2% ABV BARBBP $6.50/10 oz.
  A heavy malt foundation includes Crystal malt for sweetness and just enough Midnight Wheat malt to push the color to black. The bitterness is huge, but balanced by malt sweetness and alcohol burn. The hop flavors and aromas range from citrus to floral to pine thanks to a delicious blend of hand-selected Chinook and Centennial hops.
Four Peaks ● Tempe, AZ
Sunbru ● Kolsch-Style 5.2% ABV BARB $5.00/16 oz.
  A very light golden ale that is malty sweet, almost honey-like in the nose. This ale has a light to medium body and a very delicate flavor. Easy drinking, it has very low bitterness and a soft dry finish.
Golden Road ● L.A., U.S.A.
Citra Blend ● Hoppy American Wheat Ale 6.2% ABV $6.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Great Divide Brewing ● Denver, CO
  Orabelle ● Tripel 8.3% ABV BARBBP $6.50/16 oz.
  ORABELLE is brewed with barley, wheat, oats, and rye. This Belgian-Style Tripel is a golden beauty. Its two yeast strains, orange peel and dash of coriander impart surprising complexity and richness to this delicate ale. Don’t let Orabelle’s demure nature fool you; this is one flavorful pour. Watch out, she’s a charmer – one sip and you’ll be in love.
Green Flash ● Vista, CA
Mosaic IPA ● Session IPA 4.5% ABV $5.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Hangar 24 ● Redlands, CA
  Chocolate Porter ● Chocolate Porter 8% ABV $6.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Humboldt Brewing ● Paso Robles, CA
Humboldt Brown ● Brown Ale 6.2% ABV ● 30 IBU $6.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Left Coast ● San Clemente, CA
  Barrel Aged Voo Doo ● Stout 8.5% ABV BARBBP $6.50/16 oz.
  Voo Doo is a full bodied, dark brew that is rich and malty with plenty of roasted barley character. This hearty stout is layered with flavors of roasted barley, chocolate, and coffee coming from the highest quality imported malts. Its creamy long lasting head completes the brew, tempting your taste buds to be spellbound.
  Hop Juice ● Double IPA 9.7% ABV ● 82 IBU BARBBP $5.00/10 oz.
  Here at Left Coast Brewing Co. we pride ourselves on being one of the first breweries to pioneer a Double IPA style beer. In 2003, we brewed our first Double IPA, and haven’t looked back since. This hop monster uses Premium American 2- Row and a touch of light crystal malt to create a solid malt foundation. The recipe calls for hops to be used in every step of the brewing process; in the mash, in a hop back, in the fermenter, and in the bright tanks. We use hop extract, hop pellets and hop flowers, hence the name Hop Juice. Hop Juice spends more than 4 weeks dry hopping in the fermenter and the bright beer tank. It is approximately 9.4% abv and has massive IBUs. Hop usage is over 4lbs per barrel. Hopeheads, step up to the plate!
Left Hand Brewing ● Longmont, CO
  Sawtooth ● ESB 5.6% ABV ● 32 IBU BARBBP $5.00/16 oz.
  Sawtooth Ale is an English style Extra Special Bitter. It is an extremely well balanced beer, with significant hop character, medium body, and a maltiness which increases in evidence as the beer warms to its “proper” drinking temperature. . The water used is quite hard, bringing it to near Burton on Trent levels, keeping it true to the style. This gives it the appropriate character and improves the malt extract significantly.
Lumberyard ● Flagstaff, AZ
  Knotty Pine ● American Pale Ale 5.4% ABV BARB $5.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Marble Brewery ● Albuquerque, NM
IPA ● India Pale Ale 6.5% ABV BARBBP $6.00/16 oz.
  Columbus, Amarillo and Centennial hops lend a fragrant citrus aroma and snappy hop character to our flagship beer.
Maui Brewing ● Maui, HI
  Big Swell ● India Pale Ale 6.8% ABV ● 50 IBU BARBBP $5.00/16 oz.
  Big Swell IPA is a fresh handcrafted India Pale Ale brewed with huge amounts of American hops and malted barley… dry hopped to perfection!
Mudshark ● Lake Havasu City, AZ
  Roadzoda ● Witbier 4.2% ABV RB $6.00/16 oz.
  Tangerine hortchada style wheat beer
Napa Smith ● Napa, CA
  Organic IPA ● India Pale Ale 7.1% ABV ● 60 IBU BARBBP $6.00/16 oz.
  Our Organic IPA uses the finest two-row organic malts including Pale malt and Munich malt. Preserving the tradition of classic India Pale Ales, Organic IPA is infused with a hefty dose of aromatic Cascade hops to create a bold, lingering finis
Nebraska ● Papillion, NE
  Cardinal ● Pale Ale 5.7% ABV $5.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
New Belgium ● Fort Collins, CO
  Eric’s Ale ● Wood Aged Peach Sour 7% ABV BARB $6.50/13 oz.
  This Peche, or Peach beer, started as an ale aged in 130 hl wooden vessels called Foedres for 3 years. It was then transferred and real peaches were added. A second Strong Golden Ale was brewed and blended back into the sour ale. Subtle peach, tropical fruit and tart aromas in the nose, plus some vanilla and oak. The flavor is a balance of sweet and sour. A drinkable and refreshing sour beer hybrid.
  Ranger IPA ● India Pale Ale 6.5% ABV ● 70 IBU BARBBP $5.00/16 oz.
  Are you a hopinista? Thank our Beer Rangers for inspiring (and begging for) this well-balanced Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook hopped IPA.
  Slow Ride ● Session IPA 4.2% ABV ● 40 IBU BARB $5.00/16 oz.
  Kicking back and relaxing with a session beer requires little more than a couch, some free time, and a few pals. Slow Ride Session IPA is up for this easy-going challenge, starting with a pour of sheened gold and plenty of fluffy, white foam. A blend of seven hop varieties, led by exotic Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin, twist together brilliant tropical scents of melon, peach, lime and grapefruit for a vividly fruity aroma. The flavor mirrors the aroma, while balancing a malty-sweet yet clean start and hoppy bitterness in the back. Light bodied and extra quaffable, Slow Ride Session IPA brings the finish line to you.
Odell Brewing ● Fort Collins, CO
  Brombeere ● Blackberry Gose 4.8% ABV BARB $7.00/13 oz.
  We love blackberries as much as the next bear. So we wondered: what if we used the sweetness of those berries to complement the saltiness of a German-style sour wheat beer? Our blackberry gose (GOES-uh) is a balance of tangy and sweet, and as crisp and lively as some of our favorite late summer evenings.
Oskar Blues ● Lyons, CO
Gordon (G’Knight) ● Double Red Ale 8.7% ABV ● 60 IBU BARBBP $5.00/10 oz.
  Gordon is a hybrid version of strong ale, somewhere between an Imperial Red and a Double IPA. We make it with six different malts and three types of hops, then dry-hop it with a mutha lode of Amarillo hops. It is 8.7% alcohol by volume, and has 85 International Bittering Units.
It features a gooey, resiny aroma and a luscious mouthfeel. Gordon is brewed with dash of chocolate malt in it, to round out its load of hops and balance the beer. The result is an assertive yet exceptionally smooth version of strong beer.
We brew Gordon in tribute to the late Gordon Knight. In addition to opening some of Colorado’s first microbreweries, Knight was a Vietnam vet, grade-A citizen, and huge promoter of craft beer. He lost his life in 2002 while fighting a wild fire outside of Lyons, Colorado.
Originally our winter seasonal beer, it has become a cult favorite of extreme-beer lovers, so we now brew occasional batches of Gordon throughout the year. Released in bottles in 2003 and 2004, Gordon is now sold in four packs of hand-labeled cans and on draft in select markets.
Phoenix Ale Brewery ● Phoenix, AZ
  Fretzy’s Unfiltered Ale ● English Pale Ale 5% ABV ● 30 IBU RB $5.00/16 oz.
  No commercial description available.
SanTan Brewing ● Chandler, AZ
  Kilohop ● Imperial IPA 9.2% ABV ● 80 IBU $6.50/10 oz.
  No commercial information available.
  Rausch Bier ● Rauchbier 6.2% ABV $6.50/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Speakeasy ● San Francisco, CA
  Informant ● Saison w/ Elderflowers 6.9% ABV $7.00/13 oz.
  No commercial information available.
The Address Brewing ● Tucson, AZ
  Jazz Session ● Session IPA 4.5% ABV ● 45 IBU BARBBP $5.00/16 oz.
  An Imperial IPA brewed to be savored from a snifter. A big beer with a great malt backbone that stands up to the extreme hopping rate. Continuously hopped over a 90 minute boil.
  Rainy Day IPA ● IPA 6.8% ABV ● 104 IBU BARB $5.00/16 oz.
  The first beer from 1702’s own nano-brewery, The Address Brewing. A really excellent west coast style IPA – not that we’re biased or anything…
American IPA featuring Chinook and Citra hops and honey.
  Saison Dos Santos ● Dark Rhubarb Saison 4.7% ABV ● 23 IBU RB $5.00/13 oz.
  Whole Rhubarb stalks into the boil and rhubarb puree in primary. Fermented with our favorite French saison yeast and sprinkles of coriander!
The Lost Abbey ● San Marcos, CA
  Merry Taj ● IPA 8% ABV BARBBP $6.00/16 oz.
  Merry Taj IPA begins with an aroma of crisp floral notes of citrus rind and tropical fruit. Initial flavors of clean sweet caramel malt will give way to a spicy bitterness on the finish thanks to the addition of the Simcoe hops. Merry Taj IPA will not be bottled, only kegged, to get the beer out to consumers as quickly as possible.
Uinta ● Salt lake City, UT
  Hop Nosh ● India Pale Ale 7.3% ABV ● 82 IBU BARBBP $5.00/16 oz.
  Bold and refreshing, this IPA combines an abundance of hops with a smooth malt profile.
Victory ● Downingtown, PA
  Hop Ticket Saison ● Dry-Hopped Saison 6% ABV $5.00/13 oz.
  No commercial information available.
  Kirch Gose ● Gose 5.5% ABV $6.00/13 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Wasatch ● Salt Lake City, UT
  Apricot Wheat ● Wheat Ale 5.2% ABV $6.00/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.
Yellow Brick
  Cold Brew Coffee ● Local Pressed Coffee 0% ABV $2.50/16 oz.
  No commercial information available.