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Try A Dark Beer, It’s Good For You!

Try A Dark Beer, It’s Good For You!

We’ve all heard about the health benefits in such food and drink as dark chocolate and red wine, but did you know there are studies that show dark beers may also possess health benefits? Interestingly enough, there are qualities and components to dark beers that, if consumed in moderation, may actually be good for you! Who knew!

Dark beers contain high amounts of B Vitamins such as vitamins B6 and B12, niacin, and riboflavin that have a number of proven health benefits. For example, Vitamin B6 is known to prevent the buildup of amino acids that can ultimately lead to heart and vascular diseases.

A key health benefit to drinking dark beers over pale beers is the level of iron that they contain. Dark beers contain high levels of iron. It is estimated that only 65-70 percent of American are able to meet their daily recommended intake of iron per day, and women tend to be at a higher risk for iron deficiency than men. Iron helps to carry oxygen throughout the body to the muscles and other organs. It is an essential mineral and an iron deficiency can lead to tiredness and irritability, as well as other more serious complications.

For those who love a good, hoppy beer, you’re in luck. Dark beers are rich in flavonoids such as Xanthohumol, a compound found in hops. Xanthohumol is known for its antioxidant properties that have a number of health benefits. For example, it prevents overactive testosterone and estrogen which can help protect against certain types of cancers. It is also believed that these antioxidant properties may also help to protect the brain against such diseases as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Lastly, dark beers have higher amounts of fiber than pale beers. While fiber has a number of digestive benefits, it can also help to reduce cholesterol, which ultimately can help improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

While there may be a number of health benefits to drinking dark beers, it is important to keep in mind that over drinking is not healthy and can have serious risks; always drink in moderation! With that in mind, join us at The Address Brewery and check out our selection of dark craft beers!

Real Wild & Woody Beer Festival 2016

Real Wild & Woody Beer Festival 2016

For all of you craft beer lovers who aren’t afraid to try something new, something unconventional, something…wild, we’ve got a beer fest for you! Join us at the Real Wild & Woody Beer Festival, Saturday, July 23rd from 2pm – 6pm at the Phoenix Convention Center! This event will feature more than 50 craft breweries from the Southwest United States, including our very own The Address at 1702, who will be showcasing small batch favorites, specialty casks, barrel-aged brews, never-before-sipped brews, seasonal specialties and much more!

Here’s what you need to know:

Phoenix Convention Center South Building
33 S 3rd St., Phoenix, AZ 85004

Saturday, July 23rd from 2pm – 6pm

General Admission – $57
Includes 20 Beer Tasting Tickets with food pairings from local restaurants
A commemorative glass

Designated Driver – $25
Includes small bites of food samples (Limited Quantity)
No Alcohol
21+ only

Participating Breweries Include:

19128 bit alienworksAlmanacBarrioBeer ResearchBell'sBj'sBlack Market (1)BorderlandsCartelDark Sky BrewingDesert EagleDestiny BrewingdragoonDubina (1)Four PeaksGBGoldwatergrandcanyonHistoricHuss BrewingIronfireLumberyard Mother Road (1)MudsharkNew Belgium North MountainPeoriaPhoenix Ale BrewPrescottPrison HillPublic Brewhouse SanTanScottsdaleSierra NevadaSonoranSunupThat Brewery (1)The addressThe PerchThunder CanyonUncle BearsVictoryWanderlust BrewingWhen House Brewing


Beers for Summertime

Beers for Summertime

Summertime is upon us. The temperature is spiking and it’s only going up from here. Whether you’re poolside, barbecuing, or reaching in the fridge after a long day at work, there is nothing more refreshing than a delicious craft beer on a hot summer day. So, what is your go-to beer for  summertime? We have a few suggestions!

Saisons are a type of beer that were actually made specifically for the summertime! Originating in Belgium, these beers were made in farmhouses during the winter. They were then stored and saved until the warmer months for the farm workers to enjoy after a long, hard day of work!All saisons are not the same. In fact, when they originated, each farm brewed their own variation of the beer. You might find some saisons to be slightly hoppy, while others have more of a malt taste to them. There are also variations that are made with spices and flavors like peppercorn, wildflowers, or fruits, such as orange or lemon. A light bodied, yet highly aromatic beer, the saisons are also highly carbonated which makes them a great choice on a summer day.

Gose beers have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years, especially during the summertime. Known as being light bodied and slightly tart, these beers are traditionally flavored with coriander and salt! It may seem odd, but the saltiness of the beer is actually what makes the gose the perfect summertime refreshment because it enhances the flavor and creates a nice crisp taste. While these beers are low in alcohol content, they are packed with flavor! If you’re a fan of the tart and tangy beers, try a gose this summer!

Session IPAs were named after the beer communities “session” of drinking beers. This style of beer is a great choice for anyone who loves a good IPA and the taste of heavy hops, but doesn’t want to get too buzzed in the summer sun. Unlike an IPA, sessions are low in alcohol by volume. However, they do still maintain the true hoppiness and aromatic flavors of an IPA. With hints of pine, citrus and flowers, sessions are an ideal brew for the summer months!

Witbiers, also known as White Beer, are citrusy and sometimes tangy beers. A Belgian-style brew, Witbiers are a wheat beer typically brewed with coriander and orange peel. Some varieties are also brewed with a number of other spices as well. The citrusy, juicy and sometimes spicy flavors in this style of beer make each sip a refreshing one; a great choice for the warm months!

Blonde beers are a go-to for many beer lovers during the summertime because they have a clean, simple, refreshing taste. While everything is low in this type of brew – the alcohol content, level of hops, and level of malt, there is a certain beauty in the simplicity of this beer, making it very easy to drink. Blondes are a great beer to take with you to a summer cookout or a day at the pool!

This summer, be sure to check out the selections in the bottle shop at The Address Brewing Co. at 1702! Or enjoy one of our 46 craft beers on draught with a slice of pizza!

Brew at the Zoo

Brew at the Zoo

What’s better than enjoying a cold beer on a summer day? A cold beer at the Zoo! Join us Father’s Day weekend at the Reid Park Zoo as we will be participating in the Brew at the Zoo event on June 18th! Taste a variety of local Tucson and Arizona craft beers from breweries all over the state, including our own! With live music in two locations of the zoo, games, animal encounters, pub-style food including Honey Beer Brats, Wild Wings, Mac-n-Cheese, BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches and more, the Brew at the Zoo is sure to be a great time! Proceeds from this event will help to fund the construction of a new health center for the animals at the zoo!

Here’s everything you need to know about the event!

Where: Reid Park Zoo

When: Saturday, June 18th, 6:30-9:30 PM


          General Admission – $45 per person – Includes 15 Tasting Tickets and a commemorative recycled beer bottle sampling glass

                                                $40 per Reid Park Zoo Member

          VIP Package – $65 per person – Includes 20 Tasting Tickets, a commemorative recycled beer bottle sampling glass, souvenir t-shirt, $10 food voucher, and VIP Entry.

          Designated Driver – $20 per person

Event will be partnering with UBER
Use code: BREWZOOTUS16
Valid for a free ride for first time users, up to $15. Expires 7/24/16
Signup link: https://get.uber.com/BREWZOOTUS16

Participating breweries include:







Smithsonian Museum to Document Brewing History

Smithsonian Museum to Document Brewing History

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, in our nation’s capital of Washington D.C., is an institution dedicated to the research, collection, and preservation of all things American. At the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America, held in Philadelphia on May 4th, the museum announced an exciting new venture – a project to document brewing history in America. This initiative is expected to take about three years and will involve researching and collecting artifacts and memorabilia of craft beer, with the goal of preserving the art and the history of brewing. Thanks to a donation made by the Brewers Association of Boulder, Colorado, the initiative will be a part of the “Smithsonian Food History,” a project that has researched and documented food and beverage history in America for over two decades. Their findings will be added to the museum’s, already established, small collection of the history of beer dating from the late 19th century to the early 20th centuries.

The brewing of beer is something that has impacted American history in many ways and has therefore created quite the story to tell. The history of brewing beer in this country dates all the way back to the founding of the nation and has had a significant impact on the culture and society in the United States and around the world. That impact continues to exist today with the smaller, independent craft breweries. President and CEO of the Brewer’s Association said, “The craft brewing revolution in America has had a profound social, cultural and economic impact on this country. America is a beer destination. We are honored to support this effort and work with the National Museum of American History to chronicle and showcase the significant achievements small and independent brewers have made throughout this nation’s history.”

Through this donation from the Brewers Association, the already existing, yet small collection of brewing history at the Smithsonian Museum, will now be able to demonstrate the impact and importance of the smaller and more independent breweries of the craft beer world in their collection. We look forward to seeing the outcome of this new project!

Why You Should Drink Craft Beer

Why You Should Drink Craft Beer

There are a plethora of reasons to ditch the “big beer” macro breweries and, instead, enjoy a cold glass of craft beer – but we’ll just name a few. Here are 9 reasons: Why You Should Drink Craft Beer.

1. In the last decade, the craft beer industry has exploded and the macro breweries took notice. In the last few years, these macro breweries have been buying out as many of the craft breweries as they can get their hands on – blurring the line between craft beers and “big beer.” The most disappointing part of a buyout is that, when these craft breweries are acquired by the major brewing companies, they lose the soul and uniqueness they once had by deciding that mass production is their priority. Choosing a craft beer over a macro brew is taking a stand against the big beer buyouts.

2. Drinking craft beer, in moderation of course, may actually have health benefits! We have all heard that drinking a glass of wine a day may also be good for your health – but did you know that craft beer actually contains more protein and vitamin B, and just as many antioxidants as wine? In addition, studies have suggested that the hops in beer could be protective against cognitive decline, aiding in decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Craft beer is also rich in silicon which may help prevent osteoporosis, as it is known to increase bone mineral density.

3. The craft beer world offers more choices than the macro breweries. The small, local craft breweries often produce more of a selection of styles of beer than your average macro brewery. With over 3,000 craft breweries and counting now in the United States alone, the number of brews is infinitely on the rise.

4. Craft breweries are known for their impressive selections of seasonal brews. Often times, the breweries will create specific styles for specific seasons, or use seasonal ingredients, such as pumpkin in the fall, to create tasty seasonal brews. This keeps the craft beer world fresh and up-to-date, and creates an excitement for the return of these brews and new creations, each season.

5. Thats right – craft beer often contains more alcohol compared to the macro breweries “beer water” as it has been called. The average craft beer ranges from 5-10% ABV, however, there a few brews that reach all the way to 40%!

6. Craft beer is the new wine when it comes to food pairings. With the impressive number of craft beer styles and flavors, there is a craft beer to pair perfectly with just about anything food you can think of.

7. More often than not, you will find that craft brewers are not only passionate about beer, but also about the environment. Many craft brewers try to promote sustainable brewing by using renewable energy, using compost and providing local farmers with the by-product, or spent grain. In addition, many craft breweries will promote the use of growlers that can be reused as well as filling your own keg!

8. Craft breweries are small and local. They add to the culture of a community and every time you enjoy a cold glass of craft beer from your hometown, you are supporting local businesses. The Brewers Association reported that the majority of Americans live within 10 miles of a craft brewery – giving you the opportunity to actually walk into these breweries, meet the brewers, and taste the fresh brews!

9. If we’re being honest, craft beer tastes better than “big beer,” and it definitely doesn’t hurt that the craft brewers use better ingredients. Craft breweries are known to use the freshest highest quality ingredients in their brews, with some breweries even using locally-grown or organic ingredients. Aside from what goes into the beer, craft brewers are passionate about the quality of their beers – no sacrifices on quality or taste will be made.

Baja Beer Festival 2016

Baja Beer Festival 2016

1702 is proud to support this years annual Baja Beer Festival, presented by the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild and the Northwest Firefighters Charities. With over 50 breweries representing over 200 craft beers on tap, this is the perfect event for all beer lovers! Tap beers will include local Arizona breweries as well as the homebrewed collaboration beers made by the firefighters from Northwest Firefighters Charities. Aside from the incredible beer selection, this event will also feature delicious food from a number of top notch food trucks as well as live music!The Address Brewery at 1702 has prepared a Juniper Berry Smoked Berliner Weisse brew that will be available at the Baja Beer Festival! Make sure to get your taste!Details about this event are listed below and tickets can be purchased here:

WHEN :Saturday, April 23, 2016, from 4-9 P.M.

WHERE: Rillito Park, 4502 N. 1st Ave, Tucson, Arizona 85718


Tickets – $60

Entrance begins at 4p.m.

Includes: 25 tasting tickets (1 ticket per beer tasting), 1 commemorative tasting mug, Access to the VIP area with a private restroom, Food voucher, VIP Bandana

General Admission

Tickets – $40

Entrance begins at 5p.m.

Includes: 20 tasting tickets (1 ticket per beer tasting), 1 commemorative tasting mug, Food available for purchase

Designated Driver

Tickets – $5

No alcohol may be consumed

You must be 21 or older to attend this event and must present a valid ID at time of check-in.

April Specials

April Specials

April has arrived and so have our new monthly specials! Join us at 1702 for a hot slice of pizza or maybe a half-pound of delicious wings smothered in our featured sauce! Make sure to check out our Happy Hour that will now be featured all day on Sundays with $2 off all draft beers!


Bacon, Apple, Gouda, Mustard Vinaigrette


Fresh Jalapeño Hummus

served with an assortment of vegetables


Spicy Teriyaki

The Address Brewery here at 1702 will also be featuring a Juniper Berry Smoked Berliner Weisse brew for the Baja Beer Festival that will be available on tap on Saturday, April 23rd. Don’t miss it!

Vegetarian Options

Vegetarian Options

1702 is proud to offer a selection of 10 vegetarian options on our menu with pizza, appetizer and salad dishes that won’t disappoint. Our Veggie pizza topped with artichoke hearts, basil, mushrooms, tomato and zucchini is a delicious vegetarian option. Or, for the cheese pizza lovers, try our Caseus Maximus pizza topped with mozzarella, provolone, ricotta, feta and Romano cheeses. Start off your meal with a Greek Salad or try our Garlic Cheezie Bread as a tasty appetizer!

Here is a full list of our vegetarian options:


Italia – Spinach, Basil, Tomato, Feta and Garlic

Caseus Maximus – Mozzarella, Provolone, Ricotta, Feta and Romano

Veggie – Artichoke Hearts, Basil, Mushrooms, Tomato and Zucchini

The Presto – NO RED SAUCE, Pesto Sauce, Sun-Dried Tomato, Red Onion and Artichoke Hearts


Garlic Cheezie Bread – Delicious strips of cheese bread topped with fresh garlic, Romano cheese and served with a side of marinara. Additional toppings $1 each

Hop Bread – Fresh leaf hops delicately dispersed over strips of Cheezie Bread served with a side of marinara. Caution, this is like eating an I.P.A.

Veggie Plate – Served with garlic knots and assorted veggies and hummus. Add artichoke dip for an additional charge.

Garlic Knots – Hand-twisted dough knots covered in garlic and served with marinara sauce.


Simple Salad – Mix of fancy lettuce and romaine hearts topped with red onion, tomato, green pepper, mozzarella and black olives.

Greek Salad – Mix of fancy lettuce and romaine hearts topped with artichoke hearts, red onion, green pepper, tomato, pepperoncini, feta and Kalamata olive.

Craft Beer Scene In Tucson

Craft Beer Scene In Tucson

For craft beer lovers, Tucson is rapidly becoming the place to be. With the new age of beer upon us, the craft beer scene in Tucson is booming and, over the last few years, breweries have been popping up left and right.

Tucson now hosts over 10 breweries in the metro area. Starting out primarily in the Downtown Tucson area, craft breweries have proven to help restore the excitement of downtown. In the past couple of years, breweries have begun to branch out to establish themselves in other parts of the city as well. The expansion of the craft beer scene here has created a type of beer culture that has built a camaraderie among beer lovers and even among the breweries. The culture and sense of community that these local breweries bring with them plays a major part in the charm of the craft brew scene in Tucson.

Our love for craft beer has led to week long celebrations like Arizona Beer Week, which happens every February. Beer festivals, brewery events, and special beer prices at local Tucson restaurants during these festivities are important for the craft brew scene locally. They emphasize craft beer education and the art of craft brew making, as well give the local breweries a great opportunity to reveal new brews. Events like the Tucson Craft Beer Crawl bring in beer aficionados from all over the country to see what Tucson has to show.

Tucson even offers a two-hour guided bike tour of three of the six downtown breweries including Gentle Ben’s Brewing Co, Ermanos, Pueblo Vida Brewing Co, Tap & Bottle, and Thunder Canyon Brewing Co. The Arizona Party Bike’s Downtown Brewery tour gives riders a history of the breweries and information about their brews. This tour is a fun way for beer lovers to experience Tucson’s craft beer scene.

If you are a craft beer lover and you want to see a list of breweries locally and state-wide, check out the website for the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. This not-for-profit organization promotes the craft brewing industry in Arizona, representing over 50 breweries state-wide. Their website is the perfect way for craft brew lovers to stay up-to-date on local events and craft beer news. They also feature the Arizona Beer Trail Road Map, a series of “road maps” pinpointing all of the guild breweries of Central, Northern, and Southern Arizona.

While craft beer is thriving here, Tucsonans and tourists alike will tell you that the great thing about the craft beer scene in Tucson is that the vibe here is still very “local.” And this is something that we hope to preserve.