Beers for Summertime

Beers for Summertime

Summertime is upon us. The temperature is spiking and it’s only going up from here. Whether you’re poolside, barbecuing, or reaching in the fridge after a long day at work, there is nothing more refreshing than a delicious craft beer on a hot summer day. So, what is your go-to beer for  summertime? We have a few suggestions!

Saisons are a type of beer that were actually made specifically for the summertime! Originating in Belgium, these beers were made in farmhouses during the winter. They were then stored and saved until the warmer months for the farm workers to enjoy after a long, hard day of work!All saisons are not the same. In fact, when they originated, each farm brewed their own variation of the beer. You might find some saisons to be slightly hoppy, while others have more of a malt taste to them. There are also variations that are made with spices and flavors like peppercorn, wildflowers, or fruits, such as orange or lemon. A light bodied, yet highly aromatic beer, the saisons are also highly carbonated which makes them a great choice on a summer day.

Gose beers have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years, especially during the summertime. Known as being light bodied and slightly tart, these beers are traditionally flavored with coriander and salt! It may seem odd, but the saltiness of the beer is actually what makes the gose the perfect summertime refreshment because it enhances the flavor and creates a nice crisp taste. While these beers are low in alcohol content, they are packed with flavor! If you’re a fan of the tart and tangy beers, try a gose this summer!

Session IPAs were named after the beer communities “session” of drinking beers. This style of beer is a great choice for anyone who loves a good IPA and the taste of heavy hops, but doesn’t want to get too buzzed in the summer sun. Unlike an IPA, sessions are low in alcohol by volume. However, they do still maintain the true hoppiness and aromatic flavors of an IPA. With hints of pine, citrus and flowers, sessions are an ideal brew for the summer months!

Witbiers, also known as White Beer, are citrusy and sometimes tangy beers. A Belgian-style brew, Witbiers are a wheat beer typically brewed with coriander and orange peel. Some varieties are also brewed with a number of other spices as well. The citrusy, juicy and sometimes spicy flavors in this style of beer make each sip a refreshing one; a great choice for the warm months!

Blonde beers are a go-to for many beer lovers during the summertime because they have a clean, simple, refreshing taste. While everything is low in this type of brew – the alcohol content, level of hops, and level of malt, there is a certain beauty in the simplicity of this beer, making it very easy to drink. Blondes are a great beer to take with you to a summer cookout or a day at the pool!

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