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The Address Brewing Homage Series

By Julie Fagg
At a time when craft beer had only just started becoming a big deal in Tucson, there were a few people that had a big part in getting the local Tucson beer scene up and running. The Address Brewing has started a new line of beer dedicated to giving homage to these forerunners of our beloved industry. The first two in our lineup are the Paloma Habanero White IPA and the Dark Mountain Boots Black IPA.

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Dark Mountain Boots Black IPA

In 1997 Clarke Romans came across something that would make the realization of a long awaited dream come true. The RW Winery building was for sale, and this building was perfect for setting up the Dark Mountain Brewery and Winery. Of course, it wasn’t something that was able to happen overnight. At the time it was illegal for a brewery and a winery to exist in the same location meaning Romans had to hire a lobbyist to get legislature to change this law before production could fully begin. All of this hard work paid off in the end when Dark Mountain Brewery and Winery took off.

Austin and Alvin have been able to get a hold of some brewing boots that were used at the once Tucson famous Dark Mountain Brewery and Winery which sparked the idea to create an homage beer called the Dark Mountain Boots Black IPA. The first creation in The Address Brewing homage series, Dark Mountain Boots is a beer that has all the dark roasty goodness that comes with dark crystal malt, but all the hoppy citrus-infused joy that comes from using cascade, citra, columbus, chinook, and more citra hops. Sitting at 5.2% this beer is definitely sessionable, and with so much good stuff going on, why not have more than one?

Paloma Habanero White IPA

While many of you are probably familiar with Iron John’s Brewing Company, it is probably less known that Iron John himself, AKA John Adkisson, was the head brewer of a different project that started almost twenty years ago. In March of 1997 Habanero’s Tropical Cantina and Brewery opened at the Westin La Paloma. This brewery featured three main beers: a Mexican-style lager, a wheat ale, and what the Tucson Citizen referred to as “a lighter beer for women.” Who would think that such a decidedly chauvinistic view on beer would still exist in the minds of many beer-drinkers today? In the mid-90’s, craft beer was nearly unheard of in Tucson. Habanero’s brought something different to the table opening the pathway for brewpubs to crop up all over Tucson “like sudden summer monsoons,” as Johnathon J. Higuera put it in 1997.

An homage to John Adkisson’s work at Habanero’s Tropical Cantina and Brewery, one of our newest creations is a habanero white IPA. Not only does this beer entwine the name of the former brewery into a bold wheat-based IPA with habanero spice for days, but it is named Paloma, yes, after the resort, but more importantly: after John’s granddaughter.This beer is made with both nugget and simcoe hops, a ton of wheat, a little bit of crystal malt, and just a hint of orange peel. However, it wouldn’t be complete without a generous dry-hopping of cascade hops and habanero to give it a crisp habanero finish that just keeps building the more that you drink. Sitting at 5.5% ABV this beer is one that you can have a couple of… if you can handle the heat.


What’s New at 1702?

By Julie Fagg

June 11th, 2016
What’s New at 1702?

By Julie Fagg

Here at 1702 we’re trying to keep things fun and interesting by always having something fresh on deck. This summer we have a multitude of exciting new things, but most notably, we brought a new brewer on board. Alvin, who has been home brewing for eighteen years, recently decided to join our team. So far we have five new beers that he has helped to create, including the Juniper Station smoked Berliner Weiss and the Simcoe SMASH currently on tap in the restaurant.

A good place to find Alvin when he’s not brewing is in the 1702 Bottle Shop down the west side of the restaurant. Open Wednesday through Saturday from 4pm-9pm, the Bottle Shop can cover all of your to-go beer needs including build your own 6-packs, pre-made discounted 6-packs, and growler fills at $10 for a 32oz and $18.50 for a 64oz. It’s also a great place to stop by if you have your Summer in the City discount card, as it will get you a 10% discount on all Bottle Shop purchases!

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While beer is always the first thing on our minds, we also have exciting new foods to tantalize your taste buds. We’re starting out this summer with a BBQ pulled pork slice that will crush both your barbecue and pizza cravings in one giant slice. If you’re still hungry, try some of this month’s wings: Aprihot, a juicy blend of apricot preserves and hot sauce covering delicious baked wings. If new wings and pizza aren’t enough, this May marked the launch of our new sandwich menu. We have six sandwiches made on a ciabatta loaf served with coleslaw and a pickle: the Turkey Pesto, the BLTA, the Italian Meatloaf, the Italiano, the Capri, and the Buffalo Chicken. All of them are delicious, but you should probably try them all to find your favorite!

Don’t forget to come by Brew at the Zoo on June 18th where Austin, Alvin, and a couple other friendly 1702 faces will have kegs of the Dark Mountain Boots (Ask Austin about the new homage series to old Tucson Breweries), Alvin’s Farmhouse Saison, the Simcoe SMASH, and our Whiskey Barrel Aged Down Pourter (Aged in Hamilton Distillers Whiskey del Bac barrels; this is the first time we’ve done whiskey instead of tequila!).

Things to do/ask about the next time you dine at 1702:

  • The New Belgium event coming soon with six specialty beers on tap
  • How to sign up for a Loyalty Rewards card so that you can start building your way to free 1702 merchandise
  • Get an Address Brewing bumper sticker for just 50 cents
  • Try something new with the Sunup Brewing lemongrass and cascade infused Trooper IPA cask