Why You Should Drink Craft Beer

Why You Should Drink Craft Beer

There are a plethora of reasons to ditch the “big beer” macro breweries and, instead, enjoy a cold glass of craft beer – but we’ll just name a few. Here are 9 reasons: Why You Should Drink Craft Beer.

1. In the last decade, the craft beer industry has exploded and the macro breweries took notice. In the last few years, these macro breweries have been buying out as many of the craft breweries as they can get their hands on – blurring the line between craft beers and “big beer.” The most disappointing part of a buyout is that, when these craft breweries are acquired by the major brewing companies, they lose the soul and uniqueness they once had by deciding that mass production is their priority. Choosing a craft beer over a macro brew is taking a stand against the big beer buyouts.

2. Drinking craft beer, in moderation of course, may actually have health benefits! We have all heard that drinking a glass of wine a day may also be good for your health – but did you know that craft beer actually contains more protein and vitamin B, and just as many antioxidants as wine? In addition, studies have suggested that the hops in beer could be protective against cognitive decline, aiding in decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Craft beer is also rich in silicon which may help prevent osteoporosis, as it is known to increase bone mineral density.

3. The craft beer world offers more choices than the macro breweries. The small, local craft breweries often produce more of a selection of styles of beer than your average macro brewery. With over 3,000 craft breweries and counting now in the United States alone, the number of brews is infinitely on the rise.

4. Craft breweries are known for their impressive selections of seasonal brews. Often times, the breweries will create specific styles for specific seasons, or use seasonal ingredients, such as pumpkin in the fall, to create tasty seasonal brews. This keeps the craft beer world fresh and up-to-date, and creates an excitement for the return of these brews and new creations, each season.

5. Thats right – craft beer often contains more alcohol compared to the macro breweries “beer water” as it has been called. The average craft beer ranges from 5-10% ABV, however, there a few brews that reach all the way to 40%!

6. Craft beer is the new wine when it comes to food pairings. With the impressive number of craft beer styles and flavors, there is a craft beer to pair perfectly with just about anything food you can think of.

7. More often than not, you will find that craft brewers are not only passionate about beer, but also about the environment. Many craft brewers try to promote sustainable brewing by using renewable energy, using compost and providing local farmers with the by-product, or spent grain. In addition, many craft breweries will promote the use of growlers that can be reused as well as filling your own keg!

8. Craft breweries are small and local. They add to the culture of a community and every time you enjoy a cold glass of craft beer from your hometown, you are supporting local businesses. The Brewers Association reported that the majority of Americans live within 10 miles of a craft brewery – giving you the opportunity to actually walk into these breweries, meet the brewers, and taste the fresh brews!

9. If we’re being honest, craft beer tastes better than “big beer,” and it definitely doesn’t hurt that the craft brewers use better ingredients. Craft breweries are known to use the freshest highest quality ingredients in their brews, with some breweries even using locally-grown or organic ingredients. Aside from what goes into the beer, craft brewers are passionate about the quality of their beers – no sacrifices on quality or taste will be made.